The British Interior Design Association – The UK Interior Design Professional Organisation

Established in 2002 in Chelsea, London, the British Interior Design Association (BIDA) is a highly recognised association of designer, corporate, affiliate, and student members. Its sole objective is to promote, improve and support the professional role of individuals in the design and decoration industry. Formed through the amalgamation of Interior Decorators & Designers Association (IDDA) […]

Enter Your Home With Refreshing Feng Shui Energy

Summertime, the season of beach wear and flip flops, has ended. It’s time to refresh your energy and brace for winter. Did you know that the entryway to your home or business affects your attitude toward life? What you see upon entering can influence how you feel about your private life, and what you see […]

Tennis in Argentina – A Successful Tennis History

The origins and history of Tennis in Argentina can be traced to the development of the railroad system in the country. The Argentinean railroad system was developed by the British avid to ensure the shipment of goods from Argentina to UK. During that time British immigrants working on the railroad system brought Tennis (Polo and […]

Clingy Signs – Why a Strong Partner Is Much More Attractive Than a Needy One

The words “clingy signs” should be on a sign round the neck of a friend of mine who is getting a divorce. This person has been the epitome of a good, loving spouse. They took the good with the bad. No amount of bad behavior on the part of the other person made my friend […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Commercial Laundry Service Provider

Vince Lombardi once said, “It takes months to find a customer… seconds to lose one.” This stands completely correct as you might sometimes lose a customer in a flick of a second just because your table cloth had some old stains or the napkins smelled funny. Being an entrepreneur running numerous businesses, you need to […]

How to Quickly and Easily Pick Winning Outsiders With Your Horse Racing Bets

The strategy that we are going to adopt with this method is to choose handicap races, both flat and national hunt chases are acceptable – but not national hunt hurdles. Each qualifying races must be limited to between 4 to 8 runners. If you are operating from a bookmakers simply watch the boards for the […]

Wisdom Essay – A Different Way to Look at Decorating Your Home and Then Some

One of the joys of interior decoration is the ability to take an ordinary-looking space and transform it into something beautiful. Unlike any other art form, interior design allows you to dwell inside your creation. This activity allows you to combine creativity and utility. Working with interior design in a sense is like service at […]

Bamboo Flooring Problems – What Are the Common Problems Associated With Bamboo Flooring?

Although bamboo floors are lovely, environmentally friendly, and priced within the average person’s budget, there are still a few issues that may arise with this type of floor. It is best to know about potential pitfalls, so you can judge the risks associated with bamboo flooring, and the costs of maintenance and upkeep. This will […]

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